Stock Trading Order Types

Here is a best selling book I wrote on Stock Trading Order Types. 



Written for both new and experienced investors alike, this book covers the many order types available to stock traders such as ‘Market and Limit Orders’, ‘Fill or Kill’, ‘Stop Limit’, Immediate of Cancel’ and many more. Other subject areas include how to read and interpret basic and expanded quotes, The After-Hours Market, Short Selling, Margin Trading, Stock Splits and more.

A worthwhile read even for non-stock traders, the book also provides interesting factual information like, ‘Why do we call them stocks (it’s related to stockade)’ ‘What was the purpose of the wall that gave Wall Street its name?’ ‘Why did the New York Stock Exchange trade in 1/8’s of a dollar for over 200 years only ending the practice at the dawn of the 21st Century?’ ‘Why are they called Bull and Bear Markets?’ ‘What does Nasdaq actually stand for?’


Coming Soon: Bonds - Principles and Trading Strategies

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